Who Changed The Sabbath to Sunday?

What is the Biblical and historical truth on the Sabbath to Sunday change?
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A few years ago there were very few Churches that kept the Seventh Day Sabbath but all this changed when some Christians started teaching that the Catholic Church had changed the Sabbath to Sunday.

This teaching spread quickly, but then others rose up against this teaching claiming that the Roman Catholic Church did not change the Sabbath and it was changed to Sunday in the bible by the Apostles.

Catholic Record of the Sabbath to Sunday changeScriptures such as Acts 20:7 and 1 Corinthians 16:2 are used to support this argument. But these events did not even occur in the Church and one was in fact a Sabbath meeting that ran late into the night.

There were also others who began teaching that Emperor Constantine was the one who changed the Sabbath to Sunday, but just as quick there were others that began teaching that he only instituted the first Sunday law.

Many are also claiming that Sunday worship originated from sun worship that began from literal Babylon.

Some of the reasons given by the proponents that claimed that the Catholic Church had not changed the Sabbath to Sunday, was that history showed that some had began keeping Sunday before the Catholic Church instituted the law that outlawed Seventh day Sabbath keeping. But if they admit they instituted a law doing this, then how can they say they were in no way responsible?

So who changed the Sabbath to Sunday? Was it done the Apostles and did they have the authority to change the law of God? And if they did, wouldn't there be very clear scriptures showing this to be the case? This is one of the Ten Commandment spoken personally by God after all.

Or was it changed by Emperor Constantine or did he only institute the first Sunday law and have no the role in the change?

Or was the Sabbath changed to Sunday by the Catholic Church or the Pope as some claim?

There is in fact some truth in all the above statements and the reason we seem to have some contradictions on who changed the Sabbath is because all the facts have not been tied together.

The other interesting fact is that most today believe that there is only one Church that keep the Seventh Day Sabbath and hence assume that this Church is wrong and make no effort to thoroughly research what the real truth is. But the fact is that there is now well over 540 different denominations that keep the Seventh Day Sabbath and the count is growing at a very fast rate. Why? What did these different denominations find that made them switch back to Saturday being the Seventh day?

The following page covers the full story in brief and how in fact that not only were there many stages and people involved in the change but Satan was ultimately behind the whole thing. For a comprehensive account on the change of the Sabbath, please continue by reading Page 2.

You could alternatively read how was the Sabbath changed to Sunday for an extremely brief account.

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Scripture Verse

Daniel 7:25He shall speak pompous words against the Most High, Shall persecute the saints of the Most High, And shall intend to change times and law. Then the saints shall be given into his hand For a time and times and half a time. [3.5 prophetic or 1260 literal years]